Wow moments

It has been a busy start to the year and can’t quite believe we’re already almost in April.

One of the reasons I think time is flying so fast for me is that there have been so many amazing opportunites to work with a variety of people on different Protective Behaviours projects. And the one that has been so wonderful involved teaching and learning with a group of 4 parents. I want to thank each of them for ‘risking on purpose’ by coming to the group sessions, engaging with the process, sharing their knowledge and skills and learning and laughing together.
The poem below was written during our final session together  in response to the question: ‘How could a person explain what they think Protective Behaviours is all about?’
I think it’s amazing especially as the majority of  it was written in just over 5 minutes, yet illustrates how much of the PB process had been learned .

“Protective Behaviours, the right to feel safe.
A secure helping network, a warm cosy place
To go to when feeling worried, scared or sad,
Maybe with someone who won’t think that you’re bad.

Speaking with someone and feeling relief,
Encouraged, listened to, a sense of belief.
The language of safety, feelings, thoughts and behaviour,
Getting the help that you need, your very own saviour.

Risking on purpose to have fun in life and achieve,
Giving yourself and others a reason to believe.
The 7 strategies in action, a right to feel safe,
A supportive hand, a friendly face.

Putting into practice, because we all have the right,
Whatever age, race or sex – be it day or at night.

So when you’re feeling worried or scared
Always know there is someone there.
No matter how much it may feel awful or small
Someone will be there through it all

We’re all people with our own struggles to face,
People who need someone to feel wanted, acknowledged and safe.
Choose your words wisely through each passing day.
Protective Behaviours is effective in every way.

Listen to warning signs from your gut and heart,
No one has the right to tear you apart.
Through 2 themes, strategies and all the rest.
Never forget we deserve the very best.”

Wonderful in my opinion 🙂 I also learned some wonderful sayings that I think fit really well with the PB process such as:

‘If in doubt, say nought/nowt’ and ‘It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil’. Fantastic examples to me of,  in the first example, listening to our early warning signs and perhaps protectively interrupting and then persisting until we get the help we need.

Thank you so much to a wonderful group of people who came together to play, work and learn and have gone away equipped with more tools and skills to do the same with the children, young people and adults in their lives.