Hear2Listen – I’ve done a podcast!

The last couple of months have whizzed by for me and I’m looking forward to being able to move into Winter knowing there’s far more interest in Protective Behaviours since being able to connect with people via Zoom – I’m a firm believer in the potential for awesome moments developing from awful situations. The latest moment for me came from being invited to join Max from Hear2Listen, a local non-profit organisation focused on supporting young people and adults with their wellbeing and mental health, on a podcast to talk about PBs. Max attended training with me just over a year ago and, since then, has found lots of ways to include the process both personally and professionally 🙂

I hope you enjoy watching our discussion unfold – I really like the way it feels like were just chatting and talking ‘serious stuff’ while having fun in true PB-style. Also think it’s the closest I’ll get to being in a studio à la Zoe Ball!

PS Hoping to have more exciting news next month as just written an article for parents on PBs to be included in a national charity magazine.