Not that Sally Ann Hart!

I’ve decided to write a new blog, despite these days preferring to use Twitter to connect, share ideas and learn from others, because I’ve just discovered that there’s another Sally Ann Hart who seems to be attracting rather a lot of attention on the run up to the December 12th General Election. My thinking is I can use this blog to reassure anyone who already knows me, in either the real or ‘virtual world’, that I’m not the person standing as a candidate for the Tory party in Hastings and Rye! And I definitely do not want the UK to leave the EU!!!

I then got to thinking about how I felt, knowing some people might mistake me for someone with the same name and who may or may not have the same values as I do. During Protective Behaviours training we discuss ‘Are names important?’ and people always comment on how the name we choose to use as adults is very much linked to our ‘identity’. We also reflect on how this might be for children who are given names they may or may not like and how as adults we need to ask them what name they prefer us to use. This is a really simple way to demonstrate how to build a respectful relationship with children and young people.

For those of you who have stumbled over this blog post thinking it was another Sally Ann Hart, why not stay a couple of minutes longer and listen to a very simple explanation of what the Protective Behaviours process is?

PS Depending on how the time between now and the General Election goes I may choose to use my pre-married name of Sally Ann Dempsey, although I much prefer not having SAD as my initials