Surreal Times

Well, I certainly didn’t envisage this blog would be written at a time when I feel even more unsettled than when I wrote the last one…… however here I am!

Once again I’m reflecting on the Protective Behaviours process and what it can offer all of us during this truly challenging period.

Like last time, the strategy of Protective Interruption feels really helpful as it offers me an element of choice and time limit as well a chance to take some control – so I actively decide whether or not to listen to the news and if I do, the channel that I trust the most. I also ensure I get outside and walk with my little dog every day – feeling blessed Spring is well and truly on its way. Good old Mother Nature is also doing her bit by displaying the wonder of new life and I feel truly piviliged to live in a place where ‘safe-spacing’* is relatively easy to do (*prefer this term to ‘social-distancing’ as we are naturally social beings so it’s important to maintain connection with others. I can therefore still share greetings and smile at others whilst sticking to the rules).

I’m also remaining connected to my wonderful PB Network buddies home and abroad and have found a new virtual network – Thank you @_LisaCherry for inviting me to be part of a new a group and enabling us to connect and process ideas daily if we choose to…. I really appreciated you sharing the JR Tolkien quote below as, for me, it perfectly illustrates the effect of not having any control over what the universe throws our way. What we can try to do though is control our thoughts and the way we respond*.

*(I am mindful that when people feel less safe, their responses are not always the safest ones!)

Continuing with the PB process, I’m using the strategy of Persistence at the same time as One Step Removed to ask the question ‘What if …’ and ‘enjoying’ inventing various scenarios – some humorous, (in my opinion) and some not so, whilst at the same time reinforcing Themes 1 & 2: ‘We all have the right to feel safe all the time’ & ‘We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small’. Must admit to this feeling like Risking on Purpose on some occasions and my ‘Thanks’ again go to Tolkien as he provides another truly apt quote in terms of my fondness for adventures!!!!

“Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”

I’m aware though the biggest challenge for me is to continue to use the Language of Safety in terms of maintaining the element of Quality within this model and not resorting to blaming language. And as soon as I do, I’m reminded of Brené Brown’s video, ‘Damn You Steve’ and that blaming offers people, as Brené puts it, ‘a semblance of control’ so no wonder people do it! Being able to accept some things, like other people’s behaviour, the arrival of a new virus, are not things I can control, but I can do my best to control the way I respond and this response will be much safer if I can take a moment to breathe and visualize my ‘Safe Place’. I’m also noticing an awful lot of violent language being used to by both our politicians and media in terms of the need to ‘win the war’, ‘beat the virus’ and even suggesting people who sadly die have lost the fight. I’m looking forward to being able to discuss this with people when I’m able to train face-to-face again

So, during this unprecedented time of ‘working from home’, my fab PB Buddy Ann Seal and I plan to complete some of the things we have on our ‘To Do’ list, one of which is to finish off  and design new PB consistent resources to add to the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership website. The idea of a Protective Behaviours Strategy placemat for training is one of those things we’ve had on our list for quite a while and Ann finished it last week – Thank You Ann. I decided to give it a test run and have used it to record some of the ways I’m using the 7 PB Strategies in response to Covid 19 – hope you find it a helpful summary of all the above. 🙂

PB Covid 19 Place Mat

Looking forward to catching up again once we’ve got through this latest ‘adventure’ and feeling hopeful my next blog will be written in far less surreal times.

Yours in health and safety,

PS For a more detailed explanation of the PB Strategies please see this Forum post on the Protective Behaviours Association website.