Brexit Blues

Not quite sure how I will get through tomorrow as I still can’t quite understand how leaving the EU became a reality. One thing is for sure, tomorrow I will be employing all my knowledge of the Protective Behaviours process to keep me feeling as safe as possible as the day progresses. I will be employing the PB strategy of ‘protective interruption’ by not listening to or watching any news coverage – this may well mean turning the radio down on the hour and averting my eyes from any screens if I choose to go the gym. I will instead celebrate all things European with as many like-minded people as possible – thinking of holding an EU evening of food & drink and decorating the house with my various EU flags and bunting….

Slightly earlier today I realised that I’ve been able to get through 2020 so far because training Protective Behaviours gives me hope for the future. I then started to collate some of the feedback from January’s courses so I have something concrete to share with people that illustrates how empowering PBs is and how it changes the way people feel, think and behave. So, moving forward I will continue to persist, which is another one of the seven PB strategies, and elegantly challenge, using the PB language of safety model, anyone who tries to tell me to just get over Brexit and make the most of it. (PBs is definitely not about ‘put up and shut up).

If you’d like to read some of the feedback from people who attended training in January 2020, please see document PBTP Training Feedback Jan20 x2.