Where did that one go?

Oh my word, just realised the last time I sat down and updated my blog was way back in July and now it’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas! I don’t know where this year has gone although I am well aware of what a truly awful and yet, at the same time, awesome one it has been. Those of you who either delight or despair at the deluge of Tweets that are constantly delivered to various devices will know only too well news of heart-wrenching and heart-warming events. perhaps before your nearest and dearest. And I wonder if this is one of the reasons my attention has been diverted from blogging and choosing instead to employ 140 characters at least daily via Twitter. This is also the platform that has provided some inspiring ‘short stories’ as well as a Network of ‘strangers’ who I may never meet, but feel like I know.

Thank you for all the follows, retweets, likes and direct messages – already looking forward to lots more informative ‘conversations’ in 2017. So with eyes well and truly set on all the hopeful opportunities the next 12 months could bring and in an attempt to build healthy and safe networks that both inform and inspire I heartily recommend the following ‘Tweeters’ to you: @jcstaff_, @ivy1428ivy, @madblack65 @bellathebestdog.
You can also find out what I’m feeling and thinking on a more regular basis by following @sallyannhart

One final thought courtesy of @bellathebestdog: