Feeling safer at the start of the new academic year

Well 2020 has cetainly been ‘a bit of a year’ and we’re only just about to start the new academic year!

In previous years the training days in September are always in high demand and I really appreciate being able to share/refresh or even introduce the Protective Behaviours, (PB) process to school-based staff all over the country.

This year, despite the difficulties with offering face-to-face training, I can still share the PB process thanks to the wonders of technology and my growing confidence in using it. And, in my opinion, if ever there was a need for Protective Behaviours and people of all ages and stages of development knowing and exercising their right to feel safe, that time is now.

I hope all those working in schools find the 10 minute video message below helpful in terms of helping them to feel safer and therefore also the children and young people in their care 🙂