Protective Behaviours

In 1998 I began my journey in Protective Behaviours by completing Foundation Level training and then, in 2000, Intermediate Level/Extended training.  I spent the next few years using the process as well as revisiting and co-delivering the training until, in 2003, I felt ready to be observed and assessed in order to become endorsed by PBUK as trainer in Protective Behaviours.

Between 2010 and 2012 I lead & co-delivered PB Workshops, Foundation & Specialist Practitioner Protective Behaviours training across Hertfordshire as part of an Early Intervention Service project for Action for Children.  In 2012 I  worked as a mentor for trainee trainers having co-delivered a PBUK Train the Trainers course with Simon Sneath. Since then Simon and I went on to develop the *PBPeople community-based website and forum as well as the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership. The Partnership’s purpose is to promote and train PBs in ways that enhance accessibility and affordability whilst maintaining quality. The Partnership has been approved as service providers for Protective Behaviours training courses for LGSS (owned by Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils), Oxfordshire County Council and Worcestershire County Council.
*In 2018 I helped establish the Protective Behaviours Association, PBA, part of PBPeople as a mechanism to preserve the intergrity and authenticity of the PB process and to respond to the Department for Educations research on using the PB process to improve mental health in schools.

Another particularly exciting venture for me has been introducing PB courses into the programmes of undergraduate students at the University of Northamptonshire reading Early Childhood Studies and taking PBs to York University to support the work of  college tutors. I continue to work to find ways to embed the Foundation course in all undergraduate courses for people hoping to work with children, young people and families.

Currently I am able to offer the following Protective Behaviours Training Partnership Certificated courses:

  • Foundation Training in Protective Behaviours (Live Online & Face-to-Face)
  • 4 day Specialist Practitioner “Process into Practice” Protective Behaviours
  • 4 day Train the Trainers – Protective Behaviours
  • Apprenticeship Train the Trainer Training
  • PBs and Babies (Live Online & Face-to-Face)
  • PBs and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

I can also offer bespoke training and workshop sessions in Protective Behaviours to help participants refresh their memory, review their practice, make links with other approaches and find new ways to use PBs. These can be either live online or face-to-face 🙂