‘Tails’ from the training room

It ‘s been a busy few weeks on the training front with Foundation Level PBs courses in Hemel and Bedford and a 4 day Intermediate Level course in Stevenage.  Also looking forward to the first PBs course, at the beginnning of next month, which forms part of the University of Northampton’s Early Childhood Studies Degree course and another ‘Baby It’s You’ day at a local Children’s Centre.  And, with so many training sessions, come so many tales and even the odd tail of it’s own as the picture illustrates.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you so much” to all those attending each course for their willingness to engage with the PBs process and go wherever it takes us.  I had such fun exploring the 2 Themes to the extent that it really was ok to talk about my desire to perhaps come back in another life as a kangaroo all thanks to seeing Fiona’s beautiful silk pouches and feeling safe enough to admit to having ‘pouch envy’.  And what a tail I would then have!  Which could lead me on to considering different tails for different days that might be match different moods perhaps?  And lo and behold the discovery of an instant tail network with even an offer from a new network buddy, Sparkling Sam, to knit one for me.  Once again it was wonderful to experience such fun whilst working on some serious stuff.