So much ‘Stuff’!

Good StuffI’m certainly feeling a bit confused at the moment and think this is because there is so much ‘stuff’ going on and I’m finding it difficult to decide where to start. This could also be to do with the fact it’s all fairly good ‘stuff’ in my opinion and I want to do it all!  So how fortunate is that apart from the fact that there are still only 24 hours in each day and I really like sleep?

I’m also aware that due to the abundance of ‘stuff’ I may well have not done some of the things I said I would, so if you’re one of the people waiting on me to do something, perhaps an email or information following on from training, please persist and remind me – I really won’t mind and I can then move it to the top of my ‘stuff’ pile.

So what is all this ‘stuff’ and where is it coming from?

Well, it’s mainly to do with Protective Behaviours which seems to have suddenly appeared on a number of people’s radar. Training courses and conference appearances are being requested from as far afield as Cornwall and Edinburgh and across all educational key stages. Local Authority projects geared at raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and using Protective Behaviours as both a preventative tool and intervention have generated lots of interest and are currently being delivered by a team of three trainers. And all this is on top of existing commitments to provide regular training for a growing number of agencies and develop new courses with Protective Behaviours at their core. So it’s no wonder I’m finding it hard to decide where to start because I love it all!  And why wouldn’t I? Being able to share a process that helps people feel empowered and discover safer ways forward is such a healthy antidote to all the negativity and scaremongering that accompanies news bulletins and most media articles. So despite feeling confused, I also feel honoured and excited about being surrounded by so much ‘stuff’. And I’m trying really hard to remember the advice often offered by some of my dearest friends: ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff!’