Schools ‘told’ to build Resilience and Character!

Wow – that sounds like a directive to me!
And perhaps another wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all that Protective Behaviours can bring to any individual regardless of age or stage of development.

Despite the fact that the Protective Behaviours process was originally designed to equip young people with the skills needed to keep themselves feeling safe, I feel so chuffed to say the process has evolved over time to do so much more than that. And I recently updated my training resources to reflect this and highlight that the PB process when practised:

  • Leads to self-empowerment
  • Builds resilience & self esteem
  • Helps people see people as people and therefore avoids people seeing themselves or others as victims or any other label
  • Results in non-violent individuals, families and communities
  • Satisfies the need for fun and excitement without violence and fear

So I think it would be wonderful if more people discovered PBs and those who have already done so shared their knowledge with ‘others’ – and you never know this might be a way to get in the ear of those who currently make so many decisions on our behalf.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a New Year filled with Protective Behaviours as in recent months the requests for PB training has really taken off – so I’m already feeling excited about 2015 and all the opportunities that appear to be on the horizon. 🙂