PBs ‘Frozen?’

For those of you who have attended Protective Behaviours training with me, you’ll hopefully be aware of how I love to find PBs in everyday experiences including popular songs, advertising, merchandise, film and even food and drink. For me, if the PB process were an item of confectionary it might be a Mars Bar, as in being there ‘when you work, rest and play’. If it were a ‘tipple’ it could perhaps be Martini, as in ‘any time, any place, anywhere’. And whenever I’m watching films, I often find myself pausing the action to make a note of the moment when PBs appears – my latest example comes courtesy of my PB Buddy, Judith Staff, who encouraged me to look again at the sequel to ‘Shrek’ and notice how in Chapter 2 the character Donkey practises the strategy of  Persistence asking ‘are we there yet’ every few seconds, Shrek masks his feelings after Risking on Purpose and leaving the safety of his swamp to travel to Far, Far Away Land, which by the way is far, far away, adopting a brave face on and off throughout the journey and Unwritten Rules are in abundance surrounding a visit to new ‘in-laws’!

Another current favourite of mine is supplied, maybe unsurprisingly, by the film ‘Frozen’. I particularly love the way the colour blue now appears to have been ‘reclaimed’ by the female gender – this was Elsa & Mehighlighted at a recent little girl’s 5th birthday party I attended where an older female was questioning why the tablecloths were blue – ‘surely they’re for boys’ and it felt fab for me to hear the reply from one of the much younger females exclaiming – ‘no it’s Elsa Blue!’ And I also admitt to singing both aloud and to myself the song ‘Let it Go’ at times when feelings of exasperation could perhaps result in behaviours associated with a much younger Sally Ann.

So ‘thank you’ Walt Disney Animation Studios for providing more examples of PBs in action and, in my opinion, a very helpful Protective Interruption. I’m also feeling hopeful that current plans to produce a sequel will yield further example of PBs in action and more opportunities to sing aloud!