Oh for a ‘Dream Coracle’.

I regularly receive emails from various companies advertising their goods and services and I think I’m pretty good at ‘clearing out my closet’ of those that are not what I’m interested in. One particular email that often arrives is from Community Playthings and the most recent one described their ‘Dream Coracle’ which to many may look like a wooden pet basket. I hope if you get the chance to check out the link above and spend a few minutes watching yet another, in my opinion, wonderful film produced by Siren Films, you’ll too be thinking like me and wishing you’d been offered the opportunity as a baby to crawl in and out whenever you recognised your mind and body wanted and/or needed time to rest. And how well that fits with PBs in terms of choice, control and time-limit? Perfect in my opinion as a baby has the choice to crawl in or not, has control of what he or she can do while in the Dream Coracle including what to take in or leave out and can climb out again when ready to wake up. Sounds like a really safe place to me 🙂

Wishing you all sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzz