New PBs Process into Practice Course

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I can announce that I’ve finally got round to getting my act together and coordinating dates with another PB trainer to facilitate the 4 day ‘Intermediate’  PB Process into Practice (P2P) course.  Previously,  I’ve been fortunate enough to have someone either ask me to co-deliver this course or tell me the dates they want, so now it feels really good to be able to say to all people who have previously attended 2 day ‘Foundation’ PB training, “here’s a course designed to develop your working knowledge of the Protective Behaviours Process, enhance existing skills, create new resources and therefore become what some practitioners describe as, a Specialist PBs Person”.

For more details of the course including an overview and a downloadable booking form please click here.

And if you would like some further information including some feedback from previous P2P courses, please feel free to get in touch. 😛