I did it!

A quick post to share that I had a fantastic time talking with Rob Adcock from BBC Radio Northampton on his drive-time slot last night. You can listen to it using this media player (total play time 16’22”):

I enjoyed the experience far more than I thought I would! I felt amazed by how calm Rob appeared despite switching between chatting on and off air with me, pressing buttons and sliding sliders for news, travel and music. I resorted to lots of my PB strategies in terms of visiting my ‘Safe Place’ while waiting in reception to ‘go on’, reminding myself that I had chosen to do this and would hopefully be able to control what words came out of my mouth and, in terms of time limit, knew we’d be done by 6.30pm.

So I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to Rob and Sam for helping me to feel safe and comfortable as well as inviting me to talk about PBs and how it can help families teach their children the skills needed to lead a fun and exciting life within a construct of emotional and physical safety for all.

At the end of the interview I said I would share these further PB tips – so hope they are helpful.

PS Looking forward already to another radio slot!

PPS And more positive PB news is that Northamptonshire’s Child Magazine are running a series of articles on PBs starting in the July/August issue. An online edition is available and the 1st article can be found on pages 12 & 13. (Not sure how comfortable I feel with being termed an ‘expert’ – certainly not words Judith and I would choose and would have also preferred a picture of a child having fun 😉 )