Got there!

Wow…what an amazing end to this financial year it has been for me with a burst of training courses all over the place. And each one has lead to some fantastic memories and opportunities to learn. Firstly, there were three four-session Foundation PB courses for parents held across central Bedfordshire in a variety of interesting venues! And, despite the trials and tribulations of trying to keep warm and ensuring children felt happy and secure whilst playing in a crêche, we got there. Thank you so much to each adult who ‘risked on purpose’ by coming along to each session, contributing to discussions, sharing ideas alongside developing new strategies for coping with everyday life. I will always remember the revised comment ‘Well, I’m human” as opposed to “Well I’m only human.” (Cheers Megan).

There was also a day-trip to Brighton and the charity Safety Net to join their network meeting and share my ideas about how Protective Behaviours can be used with babies and young children. And again the weather was freezing and we still managed to keep warm whilst talking and ‘doing’ PBs :-D. I’m also back in Brighton in June for the next PBPeople Trainer Meeting so really hoping things will have warmed up by then and may even feel safe enough to get in the sea! (One of our agenda items is to look at a PB Conference in Brighton for 2014 – will keep you posted). And if you’ve not yet seen the wonderful Safety Net website feel free to click here.

My work in Rutland also led to another day out which this time focussed on helping Early Years Practioners look at positive ways to help young children learn how to ‘behave’. It will be really good to see and hear how this has been developed when I’m back there later this month visiting settings and seeing how ‘the language of safety’ is being used to describe exactly what it is adults want children to do whilst preserving self-esteem and enhancing relationships. Old habits die hard so real persistence will be needed to change scripts.

And just before Easter I spent a couple of wonderful days in Dereham, Norfolk leading a PB Foundation Course with people working in schools for children with ‘complex needs’. I had so much fun and so it would appear did all those that attended. It was fantastic to be working with people who were looking to ‘re-launch’ their PB work with students as well as those that were new to PBs. One school had also started to use a ‘restorative approach’ in their classes, so the fit with PBs was perfect. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these two approaches work side-by-side and will keep you posted.

So, it’s time now to look ahead and continue to spead the PBs message. The good news for me is that alongside the training flurry that saw out the last weeks of the last financial year came a request for more PBs and Babies – fantastic! I’m also planning to co-facilitate another PB Specialist Practitioner course with Simon Sneath which starts in early June and is based in Corby. The full details can accessed via the Events page of the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership website.

Well that’s it for now although hoping to add some photos to this post very soon. I once again feel so chuffed that I ‘got there’ using my knowledge of PBs and all that it can bring in terms of feeling safe whilst having adventures!