Feeling Sound :)

I’m in Ireland at the moment leading a further 2 day PB Foundation Course – this time I ‘plerked’ with another group of amazing people and the training had a focus on how to empower our youngest children. Last time I was here, (October 2014), the people of Ireland were using their voices to record their concerns regarding the introduction of water charges. This time, voices and votes are being used to send a message that inequality is no longer ok. And I feel so chuffed to have witnessed first hand such a momentous day in Irish history. It felt fantastic that friends & family networks pulled together, with people being prepared to travel ‘home’ to vote and thereby support equality. For me this is such a wonderful example of people seeing others as people first and not using prejudice, religion or labels to exclude.

Thank you to the people of Ireland for showing the world how to work together to change the way a country treats its citizens.

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