Feeling chuffed about 2015 and all it may bring

Firstly I’d like to wish you all the very best in terms of health and happiness for 2015. I’m already feeling really chuffed about just how much PB work is in the diary including another trip to Eire and maybe even adventures further afield.

And I’d also like to share with you that it looks like I will be working much closer to home in 2015 because Cambridgeshire County Council is now looking at ways to provide Protective Behaviours training to all those that work with children, young people and adults across the county. For me this starts with giving the keynote address at the Early Years Safeguarding Conference on 29th January alongside my fab PB Buddy, Judith Staff. Judith is also leading workshops to illustrate how PBs can be used to hear, record and communicate the ‘voice of the child. I’m offering another workshop on the Language of Safety with a view to rewriting personal scripts in order to empower and enhance relationships. The first two Foundation Courses for the County Council look likely to be held in March – please feel free to watch this space for further details.

Another reason I’m feeling so chuffed, and it may sound like a really trivial reason to some, is that I’ve recycled my ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ calendar from 2014 by laminating the illustrations so they can be used with people to highlight the PB process in action. After all, choosing to go on a ‘ bear hunt’ in the first place is definitely an example of risking on purpose in my opinion. And I could encourage individuals to protectively interrupt and turn back any time they want.


And as for the bear, surely he has the right to feel safe too!









Looking forward to a 2015 filled with lots of opportunities to practice PBs and share it with as many people as possible. Hoping too that you might be part of the adventure 🙂