Congratulations to ‘Greensniff’!

Very many congratulations to the wonderful Jean Smith (aka Greensniff – it’s amazing what some young children say when they mispronounce a name and then it sticks!).  I met Jean just over 6 months ago when we joined together to co-facilitate the The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project* across Rutland, and I think I can confidently say that we’ve had great fun sharing ideas, resources and stories as we’ve co-trained and visited settings – not to mention the wine gums and travel sweets consumed while wending our way around the county.  Then, on Friday night, Jean was awarded the Nursery World Award 2012 for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ – if you’ve ever been in Oakham Library during one of Jean’s Rhyme Time sessions, you’ll see just one of the reasons why!  So well done Jean and really looking forward to working with you on our next project: ‘Beyond the Baby Room.’  Also looking forward to seeing the photographic evidence of Jean in a frock! 😯   [update – see here for Nursery World Awards pics, Jean’s is about half-way down the page and indeed wearing a frock.]


*(copyright Northamptonshire County Council)