“5 to Thrive!” (Hertfordshire’s Key Messages).

Happy New Year! (I can’t believe it’s taken me ’til February though to get round to saying it – I believe the saying is: “time flies when you’re having fun!”).  I had a great start to 2012 by attending Hertfordshire’s ‘My Baby’s Brain’ training where the 5-a-day messages (akin to the 5-a-day healthy eating messages)*  intended for all parents and carers of babies 0 to 3 years old were shared – the resources look fantastic!  It was also good to meet up with lots of PBs buddies at the same event as so much of this approach fits beautifully with the PBs process because, as Themes 1 & 2 say: ‘We all have the right to feel safe’ and ‘We can talk with someone about anything even if it is awful or small’.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all babies felt safe and knew that when they communicated their needs there would be someone on their network who could help them to feel safe again (and that all parents and carers had the ability to respond to their childrens’s needs and if not, had enough people of their network who could respond).  Wouldn’t it be even better if we could find ways to get these messages across when babies were just a twinkle in their mother’s/father’s eyes?

So, it’s full steam ahead for 2012 with lots more work to be done to empower the most vulnerable to feel safe and have fun because, before we know it, it will be 2013!

PS The link below will take you to Stephanie Defregger and Liz Malischnig’s website where you can find details of their lovely little book ‘Did you know…….. the importance of love in the parent-child relationship



*See earlier post What are the key messages?