1st Purely Protective Behaviours Seminar!

I’m feeling really excited about the prospect of working with my PB Buddy, Judith Staff to present, as far as I’m aware, the 1st ‘purely’ PBs Seminar. This follows on from our invitation to present the keynote speech and workshops to launch PBs at Cambridgeshire County Council’s Early Years Safeguarding Conference last month. And, as the feedback was so positive, we’ve decided to take this show ‘on the road’. Our first stop is Milton Keynes which feels a bit like bringing PBs ‘home’ to me as this was where Di Margetts  arrived in the 1980s by invitation of Thames Valley Police to teach PBs.

Places are limited as we want everyone to experience everything on offer and come away with a resource that they can use straight away for themselves and all the people they share this planet with. Fuller details are on the flier and will keep you posted in terms of our next stop on our PB tour!