Baby it’s You & Me

Babies really are amazing.  This was clearly evident at a session last Friday morning held at a local Children’s Centre where parents and carers of babies under 12 months were invited to come and play together.  The pictures below show the space we used before and after a ‘Changing Rooms’ style makeover.  The babies were offered the opportunity to explore the 4 areas: visual, physical and multi-sensory stimulating as well as a calm and soothing space.  The adults were encouraged to ‘look, listen and note’ while the babies were allowed to lead the way and were not put into positions they could not get in or out off.  Our youngest visitor is due to be born in the next couple of weeks, and a beautiful 2 week old enjoyed snuggling down and sleeping.  Twin girls showed how different their likes and dislikes were and a whole group of boys chilled out in the ‘snoozy’ zone.  Each baby left with a Festive ribbon shaker and a wooden brick with one of Hertfordshire’s 5 to Thrive messages to remind the ‘grown ups’ what they can do to help build a baby’s brain.

Thank you so much to Helen and all the staff at Bridge Road Children’s Centre in Stevenage for your enthusiasm and support for the session.  Thank you also to all the parents/carers and babies who came along on a wild and windy morning to play and learn together.  I look forward to meeting some of you again during the ‘Baby it’s You and Me’ course which is due to start at the end of January 2013 and to share the magic of discovering just what makes each and every baby so amazing.