Just a quick post to say thank you to Fiona & Jess for a wonderful day of ‘plerking’*.   I had planned to deliver one of my Baby It’s You! courses today, but instead spent the time sharing and ‘troubling’ ideas with two great network people. (The courses are going ahead, but on 3 other dates at local children’s centres).

I’d also like to thank Christina, a new network buddy, who is passionate about promoting respectful relationships between babies and adults.  And, thanks to Christina, I have discovered the work of Pennie Brownlee and her publication ‘Dance with me in the Heart’.  It was a truly magical moment to see in print so many ideas that not only fit beautifully with Protective Behaviours, but also the work that I’m currently involved with as part of my Baby It’s You! project.  So, it’s full steam ahead as I look to include more about Protective Behaviours from a baby’s perspective in future courses.

*Plerking – a PBs term for a mixture of play and work