sally-ann-hart Welcome to my site, I hope you like it! It is intended to be a resource for those who have received training from me as well as somewhere for people to find information about the types of training I am able to offer. I will also be occasionally posting general stuff about what I'm involved with at the moment. quotation_marks_close

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More online PB adventures

The last few weeks and months have certainly been extraordinary and I feel so thankful for having as many choices as I have in terms of feeling and being safe. I’m also feeling grateful for the ‘opportunities’ this awful time has enabled me to discover, including finding authentic ways to share the Protective Behaviours process with a wider audience in an affordable way – I certainly didn’t expect to have as many bookings as I’ve had for my live online training and I will definitely continue to offer courses this way.

As well as having online Introduction to PBs and PBs in Practice sessions, I now have two models for facilitating the Certificated Protective Behaviours Foundation course: a 6×2 hour and a 4×3 hour version. I’ve also worked out a way to send all the materials needed for the whole course to attendees in one go and am really enjoying collating all the handouts plus little surprises in each envelope! And I’ve been asked to run another course for a college in the ‘school holidays’ – I love the way online training can work for people outside of the standard 9-5 and I’m hoping to offer a course where I’ll be working during the early hours of the morning while attendees will be eating their lunch.

While reviewing the training, I’ve had a few ‘Eureka moments’ including realising that some of the ‘traditional’ activities offered during face-to-face training don’t feel as safe online. (I feel confident there’ll be ‘shared-meaning’ with those of you who have experienced my ‘Feely Box’ Event – feels a tad sad to think it will never be dipped into again!). But, I’ve enjoyed designing new versions of activities and this lead me to taking another ‘risk on purpose’ and recording audio versions of materials I used to read aloud during training. I’m planning to make these available for whole team/staff training for the groups I was booked to be with in September as I think now, more than probably ever, it’s really important for the adults to feel safer as this will help the children feel safer too.

If you fancy a listen, the audio files are below 😊

Safe Place Exercise 

A People Place 

Remembering the Future 


That was the month that was (or May the force be with you)

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